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Thread: Is the "touring package" really worth 2k+ R1200RT

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    Is the "touring package" really worth 2k+ R1200RT

    Ok, I really fell for the R1200RT I test drove today. The future purchase is a no brainer but the touring option seem rather expensive.
    When I bought my 2010 Toyota 4Runner they wanted to sell me the "in the dash" GPS for over 3k. No, I'll just attach my GPS to the windshield and it cost me a few hundred.
    The BMW dealer advised me to get the radio because on resale I would get far less on return.
    This is probably my last bike and resale is not a concern plus spending 2.3k for a radio and whatever else comes with it seems very excessive.
    The purchase will not be for a few months but I would really like your qualified opinions.
    I do like listening to the road and exhaust noise.

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    Yes - worth it...once you have the bike, you won't need to get anything else.
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    Personally, I think radios are a distraction. I like to concentrate on what's going on around me and the only input I need are the voices in my head.
    By the way, I agree completely about the GPS issue. I tend to keep vehicles a long time and any GPS the manufacturer installs would be long obsolete before I got rid of the vehicle.
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    For about $250 you can install a nice GPS on your bike. I have a nice set-up on my R1200R. I move the unit from my car to bike when needed. I had two bikes with radios and never used them. I would rather listen to the bike run.

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    I love listening to XM radio in the car, but have never missed music on the bike. If I had the option of a radio on a bike I would not buy it.
    I know a lot of guys use an IPod on the bike, but I don't even bother with that.
    I'm not even kooked up to sound on my GPS so I can hear the directions. I do miss a turn now and then
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    We own 4 BMW bikes- none with a radio. Really, do you think you can hear music clearly on a bike at speed in an environment of rushing air and motor / tire noise? Waste of money and the alleged resale value is a big piece of BS. Do some looking and you'll see bikes with radios don't bring much if any more money in most sales of used bike (nor do other farkles add much to resale)- the reason is a whole lot of folks don't care.
    I've got XM in my car, the only place I use it despite the fact that my gps could do XM and pipe it into my helmet. Most of the time I don't even connect the gps to helmet, keeping the coms clear for voice stuff with my riding partner.
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    I presume by "touring package" you are actually referring to the "premium package". If that is the case I will tell you that I did not think it was worth it...for me. I highly recommend option 435 which is the premium equipment. I did not pursue the option ZAC "Audio and Communications" for the following reasons: 1) I heard the bluetooth capability is problematic. 2) This package includes satellite radio capability of which there is no service where I live. 3) I prefer to stream audio from my cell phone via iheart, pandora, etc and figured I would get the best audio quality via a bluetooth headset setup in my helmet.

    I hope this helps. I have owned many bikes throughout my life and this bike is without question the best I have ever thrown my leg over. The best thing about's mine!



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    I have a 2011 with the radio and use it fairly regularly - but I also tend to drive for hours at a time. I usually start off quiet then turn it on after a while.

    Oddly, the only time I listen to music anymore is when I'm on the bike.

    Regarding sound, if you're going under about 45MPH you'll hear it fine. I put on a taller windscreen and can now hear it easily up to about 90MPH.

    I'm 6'3 and a lot of my height is in my torso so if you're less tall than that, you will probably have an even better time of it.

    I don't have the GPS; I use WAZE when I'm within cell range and TomTom on my iPhone when I'm out.

    Waze is fantastic - tells you about traffic, police, etc on your route. Really love it.
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