Having them installed at pickup depends on your level of confidence and ability at wiring. I have installed a number of aux. lights. Piaa, Moto Lights, but the were on older bikes. The instructions with most aux. lighting is pretty good. Lately however I have gotten lazy and a little apprehensive about digging into the wiring harness of a $20,000+ bike. The labor for having the dealer install the lights will cost as much as the lights themselves. I had Bobs BMW install Photon Blasters on the front of my bike and the rear P3'. At least I think they are called P3. Go to Skene Products or Google Photon Blaster or go to You Tube to see them in action.. As I said it took them less than 2 hrs to install and they wacked me$300.00 labor. I think for me it was the right decision. No frustration, ankst, profanity or frayed nerves. As I said earlier I am well pleased with the stock lights. Can't husr to be more visable. Oh, on You Tube, Max Bmw has a series of how to vids. Interesting watching.