Wow, what a discussion! One of my son's just moved to Knoxville,TN & there are certain days they come by & pick up your leaves (from the street) & certain days they PU the branches & certain days they PU the trash. Is not this common for those that live in that "dignified " way of city folks?
I was telling my BIL how isn't it silly how I read,r.e., "city folks" complaining about the city being late to pick up sticks & he gets all riled up saying "I pay a lot of taxes & expect that service!", me having expounded as to how "sure isn't anybody picks up my mess out in the boonies"!
All in the expectations.
I really don't see the rift here either as to people blowing leaves/grass on a road or street when I live in a area of millions of acres of trees with leaves. Here @ my woods home we just blow them down the hill further into the woods -no taxes, no worry. FWIW my private road is deep in leaves & a bit white this a.m..