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But, today, amongst the younger folks that I work with, the subject of cars never comes up. I find that strange, especially since I work in a large engineering lab. A heated discussion on the relative merits of Mac vs PC might occur, but rarely a word on cars.

Perhaps, physical travel is no longer important or enjoyable.
I'm 26 and an engineer. To blanket my peers in a mildly offensive stereotype: they're all a bunch of spoiled children from yuppie families whose parents bought them their first and second "safe and reliable" cars and now that they're adults, their wives tell them what they can and can not drive. It's a sea of Honda Civics, Hyundai Sonatas, and similar absolutely uninspired cages. Their excuses are: "it'll last forever" but they end up replacing them every 2 years and ~60k miles; "it gets great gas mileage" but my motorcycle gets better; "the wife wanted more of a family car" but she already has her own.