I was looking for help installing a Radiantz LED Brake/Running light strip to the topcase on my '12 GT. BMW dealer couldn't figure it out. I called Skene, who was very willing to help and advised an option would be to trigger strip with low-draw relay with a diode. I rode down to Knoxville on Tuesday and dropped by Electrical Connections to see if they (Lewis) had a solution. PROBLEM SOLVED! Not only did Lewis have a solution for my problem but he had a couple of other options that greatly increases the visibility of the GT from the rear without being gawdy. Lewis installed EC Isolator which fixed the LED strip issue. The Isolator also made other add-ons now doable with the GT's Canbus system. He also installed his LED Superflash Modulator that is fully adjustable and flashes (when braking) like one of the newer ambulances! I asked about a license plater holder. Lewis had a new product from another vendor that holds the license plate and has Brake/Running/Turn/License plate LEDs above and below the license plate. All wired up in about an hour and works flawlessly! I can strongly suggest that if you want more lights on your GT/GTL then give these guys a call!