Just curious about the ESA on my 2011 BMW R1200RT. First, I gotta say, I really love this suspension. And that's saying something. One of the first things I do to any modern bike is suspension upgrades. I put almost $3k in my Goldwing's suspension. Almsot $1k in my previous Speed Triple, SV650, FJR, etc.

But, this RT, for me, is almost perfect. I really am amazed that I am so happy with it as it is in the stock, OEM, configuration. FWIW, I am 200#, 5'10". I also ride pretty aggressive. Like to get the front wheel off the ground occasionally, high speeds when safe, etc.

Anyhow, my question: Are the settings for the the ESA in linear increments? In other words, would you say that the settings go from soft to firm in graduated steps from Solo Comfort all the way to Two Passenger Sport?

Does it proceed in this fashion:

Solo Comfort, Solo Normal, Solo Sport, Solo Luggage Comfort, Solo Luggage Normal, Solo Luggage Sport, Two up Comfort, Two up Normal, Two up Sport.

Is that the order of soft to firm? Or is, say, Solo Luggage Normal the same (or close to) Solo Sport?

Yeah, I know, I am probably thinking to much! Go ahead and say it, "Shut up and ride..."