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Thread: Frame vs. Handlebar fairing

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    Frame vs. Handlebar fairing

    Please respond only if you have actually used both types of fairings. I need product tested feedback, not opinions (sorry to be so blunt). I am considering buying an expensive handlebar mounted fairing (Parabellum Scout). I have had a Vetter Windjammer III for 25 years, but am looking for something more aerodynamic. Is there anyone who has had both products? What can I expect in terms of:
    1. Wind and rain protection
    2. Noise and wind turbulence
    3. Handling (especially in wind)
    4. Gas mileage
    5. Durability
    6. Finish and overall craftsmanship
    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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    They both do all six about the same. The biggest difference is the handlebar mount is not as safe at speeds or in the wind. Nothing like having a sail move the handlebars for you.
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    I've had both and agree with Chris. Frame mount is preferable from a stability aspect. They usually add more weight than handlebar mount. I've had more than a few hairy moments in high winds with bar mount fairings. On the plus side the adrenalin sure wakes you up.

    I might add that for item 1, I think you get more rain protection down low from a frame mount but this depends on which fairing we're talking about. A Vetter with lowers for example is pretty good in the rain.
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    I have had both - you have/will recieve a much greater level of protection (wind/rain, etc.) from the Windjammer than the Parabellum. I used a Windjammer for many years, never had the Parabellum but have had fairings that were very similar. As far as stability, like said above, a frame mount is more stable but generally I have never found the handlebar mount to be any kind of an issue other than in the most extreme conditions.

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    couldn't agree more with all the above. I have had many bikes, and I would rather go naked these days vs handlebar.

    FYI - I just picked up an rt and a hannigan st for the r65/100, if I decide not keep one, would you be interested in it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by beater View Post
    FYI - I just picked up an rt and a hannigan st for the r65/100, if I decide not keep one
    j -

    Please conduct any exchanges, etc., off the forum.

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    just curious. what bike are you fitting?
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