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Thread: Another rescue project '74 75/6

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    "debris field of carbon,dirt,and rust that spewed out of the mufflers...mostly on the floor...a LOT on her bike Luckily for me she was not there to see that happen."

    Funny, same thing just happened to me, my son keeps his newly restored MGB in my shop, I was able to blow all the carbon off before he saw it..

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    Was needing an Airhead fix and just getting time to get back to work on the '74. Have not had the heads repaired/replaced yet.
    Have had the /5 on a lift going thru it, front end off about midway thru overhaul when I had a duh moment.
    The PO had installed a Siedenbrock kit on this bike and my thoughts were to move it over to the /6 and leave the 5 a 750. There was a deep sump from the 5 all cleaned and ready as well.

    Had lifts side by side and swapped the top ends. I had the new cylinder stud and pushrod.seals sitting here since October. No issues with the swap, and one bike running another further along in

    Took it out for a couple of runs yesterday ,and again today after one more head torquing session. Running pretty well and can feel the additional displacement for sure.
    I did experience a throttle roll-off compression braking effect I don't recall the 750 doing. 4th gear at 60ish and bucks upon complete roll-off, also 5th around 70. Sure feels like downshifting one gear to many without the tire skidding. Normal side effect for the larger bore on this bike?
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