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Thread: 1999R1100RT whiny transmission?

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    1999R1100RT whiny transmission?

    This is my first experience with an R1100 RT model my last bmw bike was a newer R1200. Does everyone else's transmission seem loud and clunky. I have the service records that say the transmission fluid was changed about 2k miles ago as part of a major service. The bike shifts fine just seems excessively whiny to me. The bike has 53,400 miles on it and runs great.

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    They have straight cut gears and are noisy. Clunky compared to a 1200. Just ride it.


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    are you talking loud and clunky: a) going into first from neutral, or b) loud and clunky on all your shifts?
    if a; they all do that, to some degree or another.
    if b; stop riding it like an old codger and get some revs (above 4500, minimum) going.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    The transmission in the oilheads is not my favorite transmission. Yes, whiny and clunky. Draining the transmission fluid is always a thrill too. Some days, I think that BMW designed the bike, and then realized that they forgot the transmission. Somehow they got the transmission crammed in there with some creative engineering. I call it "car engineering".

    The clunking can be reduced or eliminated by learning how to shift it in a different manner. Just before you shift put some pressure on the shifter. Then shift forcefully in the sweet spot (where the gears don't have too much pressure on them). Upshifting into third gear is the most difficult.

    If downshifting is rough, then you may need to grease the input shaft. You can check for dry red dust by looking through the starter hole.

    Once you get used to it, you will be happy. But, it is different. I wear ear plugs so I don't hear clunking very much. A silver lining to this slightly annoying feature.

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