I have to admit that the adjustment to retirement was surprisingly more difficult than I expected. We all have so many dreams about what we'll do when we finally cut the leash.

And on the whole I'm finally enjoying it so much more. It was just a matter of finding new routines. Coffee and the paper ( out on the deck when the weather cooperates ), the gym for an hour or two 3 times a week, meeting friends for lunch or dinner a few times. And then of course some fishing or hunting, a round of golf, photo excursions and some rides.

It's all good, I'm just surprised by my riding. I'm thinking that in the Spring I'll probably get the urge again. I'm already looking at maps and daydreaming of destinations so it's probably not over yet!

I worked Carpentry and Home Building for nearly 30 years, and Fire Fighting for 25 so I understand about finding good help these days! Holy Crap these kids are out there.