Ok, I had a vaccuum situation with my bike; the big 'woosh' sound when I opened the filler. Bike was running poorly at idle and would sometimes die, but ran good going down the road.

Started it today and it ran horribly.

Did the canisterectomy, did nothing else. Now the bike runs still horribly, if not worse. Cuts out, sputters, wont idle, starts hard, won't run down the road with out cutting out and bucking and sputtering. When I try to hold the idle speed at any RPM while in nuetral, the engine will sputter, after fire, (backfire through the exhaust) and rpms will surge up and down wildy.

After removing the cannister, I gently blew into the hose and I could hear and feel the air blowing into the bellows looking thing inside the tank.

I no longer have the 'woosh' sounf when I open the tank.

I touched no carb settings or any electrical settings.

I am testing and running it naked (the bike not me) with out tupperware, if that makes a difference.

The airbox is sealed and the filter is new and the temp sensor in the air box is connected.

It has fresh gas from a trusted dealer with 6 oz of Techron added.

The bike ran perfectly other than the idle issues prior to this.

Suggestions and procedures please.

The bike is very low miles, 18000, and had 12000 mile service performed by a dealer about 4 years ago