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Thread: 1994 K75S Tapping In Oil Seal on a Water Pump

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    1994 K75S Tapping In Oil Seal on a Water Pump

    I thought I had better start a new thread as this aspect of my situation now has nothing to do with Water Pump Sealant

    I am looking for guidance on installing the oil seal into my water pump. Open end points to the oil side of the pump - got that. The instructions say to tap into place using a hammer and a 19mm socket. This is where I don't get it.

    The seal just drops in with no effort. I am tapping it into what and how far?

    The seal appears to be the correct size and does marry up to the water seal ok.

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    There are some good Youtube videos showing people doing it - here is a good one for a K1100, same concept
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    The old metal rim was still in there - Back to clean up
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    Installed the seals. Used ThreeBond Sealant. Installed and let the gasket sealant cure.
    Put fluids in. Took it for a ride. No anything out the weep hole. No anything around the pump. Whew!. Thanks to all for your great guidance and support.

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