View Poll Results: Have you had at least ONE fuel strip fail?

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  • YES - 2005 model year

    59 6.96%
  • YES - 2006 model year

    45 5.31%
  • YES - 2007 model year

    98 11.56%
  • YES - 2008 model year

    122 14.39%
  • YES - 2009 model year

    160 18.87%
  • YES - 2010 model year

    64 7.55%
  • YES - 2011 model year (R1200R only I think..)

    23 2.71%
  • YES - Multiple fuel strip failures - please note model/year in a comment

    76 8.96%
  • NO - fuel strip failure. Please note year/model in a comment

    257 30.31%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Fuel strip poll

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    Fuel strip failure #4

    2008 R12GSA, 73K. Missed the 12 year replacement by two months this time! Youtubed the "ZAP" method although it sounded like the "Hurt Locker" method to me, but decided to give it a go. Removed the BBQ igniter from the spud gun (it's Idaho!), a little insulation on the terminals, accessed the fuel strip plug and zapped away, as directed. Had a fire extinguisher handy. No drama. Buttoned back up, a short spin, fuel gauge works like it should! Will it last? Will have to see. Feeling pretty pumped right now, time for a cold beverage.

    The "ZAP" fix of the fuel strip ended up lasting about 100 miles of pavement and less than a 100 feet of gravel road. Not sure if it's worth trying again.
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    I purchased a 2009 R1200 GSA from a dealership in May of 2020. The bike had 21K miles on the clock. Later that same week of purchase, I went out for a ride. I checked the BC and it showed I had 300 miles of range. 10 miles later on the top of Spooner Summit at Lake Tahoe, I ran out of gas.

    I called the dealership I bought the bike from and they took care of it.

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    On my third, just rolled over 25k km

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    2010 k1300gt

    35,000 miles and still on the original strip

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    fuel strip poll

    None-2013 BMWR1200RT. 26,000 miles

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    78000 miles & still original strip

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    2009 gs

    32,000 and change. 4 fuel strips on BMW dime and one zap cost me 30 min so far the zap is working. O I did the zap to see if it could save me a trip to shop and crying. It works hope it continues to work I think its going to be a regular thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guardrailbob View Post
    78000 miles & still original strip
    2007 R1200RT - the original fuel strip failed last week after 13 years and 85,630 miles. Sounds like I should consider myself lucky. Hope the new one lasts that long!

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