View Poll Results: Have you had at least ONE fuel strip fail?

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  • YES - 2005 model year

    54 6.77%
  • YES - 2006 model year

    40 5.01%
  • YES - 2007 model year

    92 11.53%
  • YES - 2008 model year

    114 14.29%
  • YES - 2009 model year

    152 19.05%
  • YES - 2010 model year

    62 7.77%
  • YES - 2011 model year (R1200R only I think..)

    23 2.88%
  • YES - Multiple fuel strip failures - please note model/year in a comment

    66 8.27%
  • NO - fuel strip failure. Please note year/model in a comment

    246 30.83%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Fuel strip poll

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    Fuel Strip #4

    2009 GSA

    Taking it in next week to have the 4th fuel strip put in. 2nd owner.

    Latest strip lasted 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcravens View Post
    On fourth strip now. This is ridiculous.
    Jeezz... don't you understand the BMW engineering motto ... Beta Tester... it's a way of's all good...! (make me puke)

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    I have given up on my fuel Strip. I replaced (2) in my previous 2008 R1200R and (2) in my current 2013 R1200R. It is a real pain in the neck to take the bike to the dealer and have them replace the fuel strip. It is a 2 to 3 day event and I need to drop off the bike get my wife to pick me up from the dealer and drop me off to pick the bike up only to have it go bad a few months down the road. I just use my trip meter for a gas gauge. Around 175 miles I get gas.

    Roger L

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    2009 r1200 rt

    5 failures and counting...
    Date Replaced and Miles
    1. built 01-2009 took delivery 04-2009
    2. 02-2011 @ 9034 miles
    3. 02-2018 @ 21,092 miles
    4. 08-2018 @ 21,400 miles (ride to the dealer is 100 miles)
    5. 05-2019 @ 22,500 miles (1st ride 2019)

    This bike isn't ridden much because I have 2015 GS but so
    disappointed in BMW that they can't get this problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris05GS View Post
    [B]but so disappointed in BMW that they can't get this problem
    They are choosing not to. Most likely they figure it is cheaper to just replace your 5 or 6 or 10 strips as they fail.

    You have about two more years then too bad for you BMW says. Got to love it, thanks BMW, builds all kind of confidence in buying another bike. I am sure this is my last.

    (New to me) 2010 R1200RT after HD Electra Glides for 35 years

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    The local dealership, IronHorse M/C, has fixed mine twice on my 2005 K1200S. I didn't buy the bike from them and the first time it happened was over the max time for this warranty work. I think BMW is paying the dealerships to fix this item even though it's beyond the time limit.
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    2012 r1200r

    I have had 3 replacements

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    2013 R1200R also with strip. Will be second this year. Not sure how many before that as I purchased this year.

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    Are they still using the fuel strips?
    John Simonds
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    If it ain't broke, fix it 'till it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkjohn View Post
    Are they still using the fuel strips?
    They went back to the worked for about 100 years, but was mechanical. I don't think the strip is unique to BMW, but BMW has the worst record of using it that I know of.
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