View Poll Results: Have you had at least ONE fuel strip fail?

848. You may not vote on this poll
  • YES - 2005 model year

    59 6.96%
  • YES - 2006 model year

    45 5.31%
  • YES - 2007 model year

    98 11.56%
  • YES - 2008 model year

    122 14.39%
  • YES - 2009 model year

    160 18.87%
  • YES - 2010 model year

    64 7.55%
  • YES - 2011 model year (R1200R only I think..)

    23 2.71%
  • YES - Multiple fuel strip failures - please note model/year in a comment

    76 8.96%
  • NO - fuel strip failure. Please note year/model in a comment

    257 30.31%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Fuel strip poll

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    Registered User toooldtocare's Avatar
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    DeLand Florida

    Add 2012 R1200R too

    My 2012 R12R failed at 700 miles. It fixed it self a bit later and now works part of the time. It will be replaced at the 6K service.

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    R1200RT Artiee's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    Northern Virginia

    No Fuel Strip Failure

    2005 RT....

    Now that I've said it, I'm probably jinxed.....

    100,000 miles
    Experience IS NOT the best teacher! Someone else's experience is the best teacher.

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    Tourmeister gr8ridn2's Avatar
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    no strip failure

    2006 RT traded in with 68000 miles
    2018 R1200RT W - Continent traveler
    2016 S1000XR - Smile Maker
    1976 R90/6 - Just Plain Fun

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    Registered User hrvatin's Avatar
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    Salem, Ohio
    2008 RT, currently on number 3, I paid for #2, and #3 was under warranty.

    Approx 9,000 miles now.
    Northeast Ohio
    2008 R1200RT
    1984 R65

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    2009 r12rt - #4

    My first lasted about 2 years, 2 very quickly after the replacement, now on #4 which won't read past 3/4 even when full.

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    Virginia Beach
    I had 3 fuel strips on my '10 RT, but already voted for the '10 model, so I couldn't vote for multiple failures...none, yet, on my '11 RT.
    Virginia Beach
    current:16 R1200R 75 R60/6
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    Registered User lkraus's Avatar
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    Central Ohio
    2006 R1200RT 22,000 miles No fuel strip problems.


    We need a "knock on wood" smilie


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    '07 44k no fuel strip failures.
    '08 31k "
    '09 36k "
    Marty Hill
    7 GS white

    Ride till you can't

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    Clinton, TN
    2010 2 strips failed

    2010 R1200GSA

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    A bozo on the bus deilenberger's Avatar
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    Spring Lake NJ, USA

    Thumbs up

    An interesting pattern is starting to emerge. I put this poll up because I can't recall anyone complaining about a fuel strip failure on '05 and '06 bikes.

    So far - with probably about 20 failures reported, there are no failures reported on the '05 and '06 bikes. If this continues and is not a fluke, a comparison to the number of hexheads BMW sold over the different years would be in order, but my initial thought is - something went downhill in the fuel strip manufacturing process around 2007, and it never got any better. Plus - this eliminates the fuel being the problem since all the hexheads are likely to be using about the same fuel supplies, no matter what year they were manufactured.

    I'll be watching the results with great interest.
    Don Eilenberger
    Spring Lk Heights NJ NJ Shore BMW Riders
    '12 R1200R - I love this bike!

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    Registered User mpmarty's Avatar
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    Camas Valley Oregon

    2006 rt

    Still on original strip and it is working fine. (X fingers)
    Marty - in the western Oregon mountains.'06RT, (gone '04RT, '86 Venture Royal, '81 Yamaha Virago920, '82Suzuki GS1100GK, '76 Suzuki GT750, Triumph 750 Bonneville, BSA Road Rocket 650, 61" Harley knucklehead)

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    Kindly curmudgeon W7lej1's Avatar
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    Spokane Valley, WA
    '08 RT, bike's 2nd, my first (I'm 2nd owner.) ~ 27k mi.
    Marty in Spokane Valley, WA

    '79 R65 - the rolling running project bike
    '08 R12RT - "new scoot"

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    Quote Originally Posted by deilenberger View Post
    An interesting pattern is starting to emerge. I put this poll up because I can't recall anyone complaining about a fuel strip failure on '05 and '06 bikes.
    '05 and '06 bikes without the onboard computer option came with a float. At least the GS came with a float. Perhaps the OBC option wasn't common in those years?

    The complaint from owners with those bikes is more likely to be "my fuel tank reads full until 1/2 tank is gone". When you explain how the sucking jet pump moves gas from one lobe of the fuel tank to another without the need for crossover lines that complaint sometimes goes away.

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    Love this RT! tkbaker4's Avatar
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    Nashville, TN

    2009 rt

    13,000 miles, fuel strip #5 working last time I looked.
    Tom Baker
    2009 BMW R1200RT
    1970 Triumph Bonneville

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    Talking 12 r1200r

    7 weeks old, 6,000 miles no problems so far.

    Gauge reads full until its about 110 miles, then drops to 1/2 by 120 miles.

    Near empty its really accurate.

    One bar and light comes on with computed 37 miles to go.

    I drove it till it said 0 miles. 3 more miles and it sputtered going into the gas station.

    Refill, set trip meter do it again..... Look for fuel when the light comes on.

    I reset the trip meter and check mileage every fill up on every bike I own.

    I can see the strip in the tank.


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