View Poll Results: Have you had at least ONE fuel strip fail?

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  • YES - 2005 model year

    55 6.77%
  • YES - 2006 model year

    40 4.93%
  • YES - 2007 model year

    94 11.58%
  • YES - 2008 model year

    116 14.29%
  • YES - 2009 model year

    154 18.97%
  • YES - 2010 model year

    63 7.76%
  • YES - 2011 model year (R1200R only I think..)

    23 2.83%
  • YES - Multiple fuel strip failures - please note model/year in a comment

    71 8.74%
  • NO - fuel strip failure. Please note year/model in a comment

    248 30.54%
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Thread: Fuel strip poll

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    Another one:

    It was a beautiful ride this morning in spite of the new chip sealed road with loose piles of chips, two dogs running loose on the road, two deer out of the cornfield and across the road and another fuel strip quit functioning. Nothing unusual, including the fuel strip. Made it home safely though and enjoyed the ride. Will navigate thru the NHTSA site to share my thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deilenberger View Post
    When was your bike put into service? On a 2007 it's possible you're out of the 12 year extended warranty from BMW.

    FWIW - there is only one relay on your bike - the starter relay. If it goes bad you won't start. There certainly have been instances where a brand new strip failed - happened to one of mine. My bike got 2 strips in a day that time. If the strip is an issue - it's covered by BMW's 2 year parts warranty. If you're lucky (or clever) you'll never have a fuel strip last longer than 23 months once you bought one.

    Good luck with it..

    BTW - you might want to fill out a vehicle complaint form on the NHTSA website for a vehicle failure that could cause death or injury (if you ran out of fuel in the wrong place..) There are instructions back a bunch of pages in this thread on how to do it and make it effective. If enough of those accumulate maybe BMW can be goaded into making right on these and coming up with a design that works. There is one private owner who came up with a circuit for it allowing for the use of the old fashioned mechanical float mechanism. I'm sure Seimens or Bosch has some clever engineers - they just need incentive $$$$ from BMW.
    I bought a fuel strip only to find out I couldn't set it up without the BMW controller so I had to take it to the dealer where they set it up only to have it fail 2x in their shop. They warranted the strip even though I bought it from another dealer. I still had to pay them labor but I took the machine to them with no plastic on it so I saved some labor. I guess my way of thanking the dealer for the help is when I go there in two days to trade the machine on a 2109 I guess I won't have a fuel strip problem again.
    I have to admit I really enjoyed My 2007 RT having moved it across the country with me on it and rode it to the Grand Canyon a few times a year just to sit and stare at the canyon drinking my coffee. I was looking at a 2016 but the wife asked me how many more motorcycles I will buy? I said I figure I'll go at least another 12 years so she told me to get a new one. And yes she is a keeper!

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