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Thread: Windshield question.

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    Windshield question.

    Will the windshield from a 2006 R1200RT fit a 2010 R1200RT?

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    Hi Thomas,

    Good question. You would think that they would be interchangeable, BUT.... I just looked up both windscreens on Maxbmw's parts fiche and they have different part numbers. Now, that does not mean that they are not interchangeable, but at $600, I'd want to make sure before I plunked down the cash.

    There was a design change in 2010 so the 05 - 09 may not be the same. I would suggest a call to Maxbmw. They're pretty knowledgeable about these things. Even if you're not buying the new windscreen from them, they'd probably be able to confirm the fit.


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    The mount and mechanism part numbers for '06 and '10 are the same, but the shape of the shield and fairing changed a little bit in 2010 with the Camhead introduction.. If you look at aftermarket shields, some say they fit 2005-2013, and some make a distinction between the Hexhead and Camhead models. The shields that fit both eras seem to have a opening at the bottom of the shield where it meets the fairing in the lowered position.

    I guess the answer to the question is that stock shields are not interchangeable, but aftermarket models might be.

    Oh, welcome to the forum!
    2006 R1200RT

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