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Thread: 2012 RT ront wheel interchangeability

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    2012 RT ront wheel interchangeability


    During a recent tire change, it was noted that I have a small-ish dent on one side of my front wheel. The wheel isn't losing air, but I'm concerned that the dent is large enough to need fixing. BUT, I don't want to stop riding for a couple weeks while I wait.
    Can anyone please tell me what year/model BMW motorcycle wheels are interchangeable with the 2012 RT? I'm searching ebay and BeemerBoneyard for a suitable wheel to use while my wheel is out for repairs, but 2012 RT wheels are few, and far between. I'd like to expand my search to other models/years if I can.

    Thanks in advance

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    The part number cross reference at shows:

    Part 36317696159 was found on the following vehicles:
    K26 (R 900 RT, R 1200 RT)   (11/2003 06/2014)
    K27 (R 1200 R)   (11/2005 10/2010)
    K28 (R 1200 ST)   (05/2003 11/2007)
    2006 R1200RT

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    Thank you!

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    Option B

    These guys straightened my dented from wheel for about $150 as I recall. Of course I live nearby so no shipping cost for me. After straightening I could not see the old dent and the wheel looked like it did before I smacked into that large pothole...
    Bill in Highlands Ranch, CO
    2012 R1200RT and some other older junk

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