The abs lights did not go off as I started out for a morning ride on my 1997 r1100rt. Normally, the abs lights flash alternately until I roll forward a few feet and the abs audibly sets. Since I still had normal brakes, and it was dry sunny day, I continued riding, thinking i would figure it out when I got back. Along the way, I tried switching off the bike at stoplights and restarting, pumping the brake pedal and lever, etc., to no avail. About an hour later, after a rest stop, everything returned to normal. The bike had been sitting unused for two weeks (due to a busy work schedule). It was colder than usual when I set out and I was using my heated vest, although I don't see how that would affect anything. I'm thinking maybe a dirty contact or something. Any ideas, or should I just chalk it up to one of the quirks of a 15 year old motorcycle.