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    Any planned visits to.....

    A query: Is there a possibility that some of us attending The 2005 National could visit The Lima Army Tank Plant during the rally?

    Indications here on The Forum would lead one to believe that there is a significant group of BMW MOA members who are ex-military and might possibly be interested in visiting the plant in Lima, Ohio where the US ARMY M1A1/M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank is built. (Then again, some members of this significant group of MOA members who are ex-military may want nothing whatsover to do with anything that will remind them of their military service - including looking at big tanks when they could be out riding!)

    Check out this interesting bit of historical information about the Lima Army Tank Plant and the effect this military contract has had on the folks in Lima over the years.

    Any chance of a visit, Madam Sue??
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    I'd be up for that.

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    Lets see...
    Air Force Musuem
    and now a tank factory,
    the big Trifecta

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    Tank factory

    I'll go if I can

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    all the way to Lima???

    WAY to far man

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    Tank Plant Tour - Not this time

    Hi all -

    We had a local BMW rider who had this all set up.... but then, as things are prone to happen, the military made some changes.

    The Commanding Officer of the Tank Plant is retiring. The new commander will take command on July 15th.

    Because there is no precedent for this kind of tour at the tank plant since 9/11 (thank you, Ousama), the outgoing commander did not want to commit his replacement to this task.

    Sorry about that. We tried......
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