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Thread: Ride or Drive ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artiee View Post
    What gear are you refering too... all your camping gear (are you camping or staying in hotels?) or just your riding gear?

    If it just riding gear and your worried about leaving it unattended with your motorcycle, try using a couple of heavy duty bicycle cable locks. Run the cable through the arms and legs of your jackets/pants (helmet too) and then secure to the frame of your motorcycle. Don't leave anything in the pockets. My wife and I have done this several times and everything was right where we left... didn't see any signs of tampering.

    If it's more than just your riding gear, check into PACSAFE products.

    (something like this... )
    A long with the cables. I carry a cover which goes over the windshield and all the gear.

    Also a small trailer could be pulled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    The new VW Beetle is going to be available as a diesel convertible. This will be a way cooler car than a Mini.

    A couple years ago I bought my first convertible but couldn't stand it because I felt I should be wearing my helmet.

    So, it's something of a motorcycle-like experience, then.
    No way is the Bug half as cool as her Mini

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    As age progresses the SO rides far less. We are now reduced to me riding, her flying to our destination for shorter rides. June I rode across Canada to Americade, down to DC where she flew into Dullus. From there we rode to Gettysburg. She flew back, I rode.

    Not ideal, but I get to ride. We get to vacation together.
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