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Thread: Corbin seat fitment, 1995 R100RT

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    Corbin seat fitment, 1995 R100RT

    Airhead friends, I've been looking in the MOA items for sale and on ebay for a Corbin seat for my 1995 R100RT. The Corbin website lists a seat (R85DT) for years 1985-1993 although my 1995 looks the same as the site picture. I'm pretty sure from 1993 to 1995 are the same, can anyone confirm. Thank you Dennis.

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    I moved my Corbin from my 86 R80RT to my 88 R100RS, finally to my 95 R100Rt. Got 20 plus years off that seat, Corbin Gunfighter. I think the other models are the same for all mono-shock.

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