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I see where Snowbum says he "approves" if not more than 2 hours. One minute, two hours, 24 hours...untorqued is untorqued but I suppose it could be done. My issue is the work "briskly" note! I hate to rush myself on these kinds of things. Inevitably, something comes up, I don't have the part, or have to get onto something else in the meantime...then I'm working every more briskly, heading for a possible ef-up.
Regardless of whether you chose to remove the head completely or go the "rocker" bolts only" route, this job is certainly one where preparation and following the script is important. I guess the fall back position if something goes egg-shaped during a "rocker bolts only" job and it is going to be much longer than anticipated would be to then separate the head from the jugs.