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Didn't you have 650GS's (twin)? Why did you trade to 800? Would be interesting to know.

Thanks Jack

above is the link to our RR to Alaska in 2011

yep you are correct. My bike had 60,000KM on it and Cheryl's almost 50 thousand. Warranties coming up too. PLUS, it was time for new bikes for us and we gave each other an 800 for an engagement gift. We went to the 800 because last summer we were able to ride the new Triumph Tiger 800XC for 44 days. Gave them back. We loved that bike minus a few pet peeves. When this bike came out we were not too impressed with the lack of attention to the seat and it not being adjustable like the Triumph's. But also did not really pay attention to the ESA. When I learned more about ESA in the theory the BMW became pretty interesting to us again. We also love our luggage and would be able to transfer the mounts into the new Beemers.

So, in the end the ESA for us is doing the trick on the road for road comfort. We like the 21inch front and the wider handle bars and longer stance. We are not hard core off road riders but wanted better suspension too. So, we bought the 800's. I am getting a custom seat made right now and included is a gel pad. So, if the seat comes out as comfy as I hope then we have a road savvy bike with definite off road handling. Best of both worlds. How is that for an answer?

I have received many "I am disappointed" emails and private messages that we did not buy Triumphs. Some even have gone as far to say my credibility has been questioned about my review of the Tigers. I say it's our money, BMW has done some cool things on this bike, and we still think the world of the Tigers but like I said above BMW made some smart improvements.