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Thread: chain & sproket time

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    chain & sproket time

    This is on a 2011 F800R, I plan on changing front and rear sprockets and installing new chain next week. the front sprocket appears to be held on with a 17mm bolt. Remove chain, remove bolt and sprocket should come off am I correct? rear looks to be remove bolts and reinstall, should I use Loctite. Anything else I should watch for?


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    I've done it a few times on a F650GS and it sounds like you've got it. There was no loctite on any of the fasteners from the factory, so I did not use any. I did use a torque wrench.

    Over on there are several "how to" videos including how to change the sprockets and chain. Good stuff located at posts 27 and 30....HERE.
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    Just did mine on my F8GS a few weeks ago.

    I went with a riveted chain rather than BMWs endless loop chain, along with using aftermarket sprockets.

    I had to use a gear puller to yank the front sprocket. It would not have come off with just hand pressure.
    Follow (most of) the instructions in your shop manual- the differences will be if you use a riveted chain, you don't have to yank the swingarm off the bike, nor do any of the dismantling req'd to remove it.
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