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Thread: Heel-Toe shifter 2002 F650

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    Heel-Toe shifter 2002 F650

    Does anyone know of a heel-toe shifter for a 2002 F 650 GS. My left ankle is fused and can not get toe under shifter.

    14:35, Thursday. Things are not looking very optimistic about adapting heel - toe shifter. If anyone is interested in buying a buying a spotless bike with many options contact Chris Harshner at 816-230-7366 (H) or 816-510-7190), email: Chris lives in Odessa, MO.
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    Don't know, but you might have to either jury rig something or find a decent machine shop. If you could find a machinist that also rides, he would probably know how to help you.
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    I haven't heard of one but understand your need. I would guess that you could have a 2 welded together to make what you need. Next time you post maybe you can let us know where you are so maybe a member with some fabrication skills can help you out. Gary
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    I thing you better off go with electronic shifter just like on new 1000RR or used on a drag bikes.
    If you can downshift ok this would be the way to go.

    We did bike like that for a costumer with same ankle issue witch refuse to quit riding.
    I do not remember what the unit come from, it allow to up shifts only with a push button.System was very clever since shut of coil for a fraction of the second allowing smooth shift up.
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    Toe/Heel Shifter

    Sorry for catching your post so late. I am disabled rider who basically does not have the ability to shift up with my toes. I ride a BMW F800GS that I had a local metal shop make a toe/heel shifter. This is my 3rd bike I have had it done on. The first was an '06 Kawasaki KLR where a local machine shop just welded on a heel shifter, it worked great just had to slide my foot back and forth to reach the levers (that was the least expensive). The second was on an '09 Ducati Monster 1100 where I found another local metal fabrication place to actuall create one for me on a CNC machine, it looked OEM factory (the most expensive). The third was on my current '10 F800GS and it looks factory also. They actually took measurements of my foot and riding position to custom fabricate the shifter (unfortunately I don't know what they did to create it, I don't beleive it was CNC'd) and don't know the actual cost due to having them take the bike from the factory 35" seat height to the 31" I need to stand flat footed. The shop is in Indianapolis, IN called FabCar Engineering (the owner rides an R1100GS). If you would like more info please email me and I will get you any information you need. I know the owner did not want to go into business selling them but is happy to create one for an individual. Sorry I didn't see your post months ago but hopefully you have been able to keep your 2 wheels on the ground.

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