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Thread: 1975 R75/6 Tachometer & Cable

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    1975 R75/6 Tachometer & Cable

    1975 R75/6. Tachometer went south. I've got a replacement unit as well as a new cable. Got the new unit in the instrument cluster, will send the bad one to Overseas Speedometer (unless someone knows of a better place).

    Any hints re replacement of cable? Any tricks?

    Lube or not lube (if so, with what; procedure?)? Any grease (if so what kind) on the fittings (e.g., cable to tach unit)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMH View Post
    1975 R75/6.

    Lube or not lube (if so, with what; procedure?)? Any grease (if so what kind) on the fittings (e.g., cable to tach unit)?
    New cables are teflon lined, no lube is needed.
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    overseas speedometer

    I sent my speedo and tach to him for repair. Both have worked perfectly since. The speedometer now reads within 1 mph of my Zumo, where before it read about 10% faster than the gps.
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    I just replaced the tach cable in a /6 and I noticed if you do not route it exactly how BMW did it fits like it is to long so make note of exactly how it was installed before removing it. Also where the front cover fits over the rubber boot use a little WD-40 or something like it. It will make a lot easier to get the front cover on.
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    Rubber tachometer housing

    My trick for getting the timing cover back on is to:

    1. Take the tube out of a Armour All spray bottle,

    2. Run the tube between the two edges of the tachometer cable rubber housing that are facing out

    3. Line up the timing cover over the rubber housing (with the tube still splaying out the two edges)

    4. Slip out the tube while pressing in the timing cover.

    This way there is less possibility of crimping the new housing

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