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Thread: Car info,r.e., 2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i

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    We just tested the 4cyl X3 28i today & it is a pretty sweet car! The engine is smoother than my Caddy CTS & doesn't shift down(unlike the CTS) into what seems like "one too low gear" if pushed hard. It is tight in handling-we never owned an SUV- and dosen't have the float in the suspension of the Caddy. The Caddy is nice on L & R but too bouncy. RFT tires are much improved, still the spare,jack wrench missing & expensive to replace. $600 for wheel/tire insurance. Good sales guy(there are a few lot lizards that still belong to the human race) , commented that one person told him the way to do it is live with RFT , wear them down a bunch then dump a box of nails , make a run through & collect...

    In trying for the BMW "Loyalty Credit", I don't qualify after buying my 1st BMW car new in 1969 & I counted them up-have owned 16 since then , not counting my kids driving them too. Last was a 2008 but 2 yrs in a Caddy since then & now going back I'm seen as "un-loyal"! Also have 3 BMW bikes & owned 5 total. Hmm! Another issue is the BMWCCA credit is $500 I cannot collect as you must have been a member for the 365 days preceding the new buy- I was a member for probably 20+ yrs, but no $$$ . Why doesn't this come our way via BMWMOA membership , at least on bikes? Is that clubs suction greater?
    Question: How much is the dealer payed as holdback money on a 2013 X3?
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