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Thread: Need (or want) to stay "connected"?

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    Need (or want) to stay "connected"?

    Do you need (or want) to stay "connected" on the road? I'm not talking about cell phones in the helmet here, but a way to use email or do online banking on the web. We tried the smart phone route. Then last week tried taking the laptop (it was OK). While packing for a week, the laptop took more space than we liked, so we tried the tablet route.

    Here's reasons for doing it and what we ended up with and why on our blog by clicking here. Of course your mileage may vary by preference of operating system or needs.
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    I bought a nice 11.6" Acer dual core AMD netbook (722) for $200 at Target on sale and that does it for me. I really wanted more memory than the typical netbook as well as the full 1280x720 screen, big 320gig HD, and a battery that lasts a good 6 hours. It is not much bigger than my iPad2 and tremendously more functional. Plus, it came with the full Win7 home edition instead of the limited starter edition.

    I thought the iPad2 would do it, but not being able to run full photoshop, dreamweaver, ms office, etc. was a real handicap, as was the inability to hook up the GPS to plan rides, upload routes and download tracks. I need my USB ports to charge things overnight, and the multicard reader for photos and videos (the huge hard drive helps there too.)

    Once I found out most/all McDonald's have free wifi (and surprisingly decent coffee) it has become my ever present trip companion. Can also tether to my Tmobil blackberry for no extra charge when wifi isnt convenient. Got a hard-sided neoprene sleeve with a pocket for the compact charge cord and it lives happily in my 22l top case. Does everything my i5 laptop does absent the DVD drive, just a bit slower
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    iPad for me. There is ALWAYS room for it and it connects just about everywhere if you get the cellular version. I can't tell you how many trips I've taken when the laptop wouldn't fit (and was left behind) and the netbook just wasn't fast enough to watch video dumped from the camera during the trip. You get what you pay for.
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    Voni and I each have a 10" notebook - hers an Acer, mine and eMachine that are identical in every respect except the name on the lid. They, along with power supplies and other miscellaneous both fit in one case I carry in my top case. They are both XP machines and do everything I do at home on my bigger Lenovo or Voni does on her huge Lenovo. I also have the GS911 software on it and can take the GS 911 with me when we travel.

    Since we live on the bikes about 4+ months a year this is how we get email, post pictures, etc.
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    Last 2 years a Dell netbook. Very durable. I will upgrade in the near future to a ultra laptop of some sort. As much as I would like a get by with a tablet or iPad I do way to much keyboard work.

    I must put a plug in for public libraries. Before the netbook I kept in touch using them. Not very convenient perhaps but a great resource none the less.
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    I have a Macbook, but I might take a step backwards and pick up an old ibook G4 for on the road. They are dirt cheap and with a 12" screen, smaller that the Macbook. That way I don't have to worry about my good laptop if there is a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cehlbeck View Post
    Of course your mileage may vary by preference of operating system or needs.
    Running a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 ($199) as my GPS and music and connection beast... have it tethered to my phone or my MiFi when not in WiFi range.

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    MacBook Air - almost as thin and light as an Ipad

    I usually carry just an iPad - does everything I need (not everything everyone needs I know). If I also plan on working, I take my macbook air - very light and thin, great batter life, and can tether to my iPad, or Verizon Mifi hub. I like putting the ipad in my top case and using as gps - bluetooth connected so it tells me when to turn without looking. Not great on real sunny days - but I live in Michigan so that's only occasionally an issue!

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