20,000 miles on the clock. Redline 75W85 with Gaurd Dog moly treatment.

Noticed about a tablespoon or less of gear oil puddled on the rear rim after work yesterday. As best I could tell it came from the vent. Found an old post that said the oil can be flung up against the vent when it is cold and then push out as it warms up. Does this make hay or are there some other thoughts out there?

It was about 45??F yesterday with a 25 minute ride to work. I checked the oil level then rode home. No further emmisions from the vent. Drained and changed the oil to make sure it wasn't all frothed up from water. Oil was not milked but there was some black gunk on the drain plug. It looked more like some moly that fell out of suspension than metal. Didn't have any sparkle under a bright light and did not feel gritty at all.

Guess I am going to ride it and keep an eye on things. Sure would like to have some thoughts or suggestions on what's going on here.