I'm installing my new aftermarket fuel-pressure regulator (Standard PR134 if anyone is curious; $51 via Amazon delivered in about 2-3 days flat) today and while I have the tank off I'm having a look at my heated grip's wiring.

The grips have been operating intermittently for some time so if I can fix them while the tank is off that would be great (assuming that the wiring underneath is at fault).

I checked the switch with my multimeter and it seems to be fine. The resistance between each pair combination of the three wire female plug leading into the wiring harness is zero so I am assuming that that is fine also.

Any further suggestions as to what to look for without actually removing the grips themselves?

I suppose I should check for 12 volts coming out of the wiring harness at that plug before I put things back together, right?

Maybe my problem is due to a bad connection and by unplugging and plugging things perhaps it will resolve itself. Will followup later.