Got the title in the mail last week, so it's officially ours as the second owners all matching numbers

feel confident this is most likely right according to his daughter...

there is a 75/6 with the same general mileage range I am picking up in a few days that was in the collection. The R27 he owned was sold by the original owner right before he passed in '86.

Now to start the long process of bringing it back from a 26 year nap. I had it sitting here for almost two years as the original owners grandson struggled with money. He kept seeing them on EBay for 12K and up. He finally decided it wasn't for him and we came to a fair deal.

Anyways, started taking her apart to do the refresh thing and the sticker shock to go along with that a lot of you know about already. It doesn't take long to see where this is headed!

No hurry for sure, plan on taking the block & heads to Vech this winter on the back of my GSA on the way to the Correct Coast and a late year rally out that way. I'll tinker with it and have a goal to ride it to the Fall Classic in Luckenbach next October...or the following year. Helen said she was

I'll be asking/reporting and hanging out here and on the Vintage site it seems.