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Thread: Discharging Battery '85 K100

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    Discharging Battery '85 K100

    1985 K-100 On my second battery now. Seems to be discharging when bike is parked. Starter Relay welded closed?

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    How long does it take to fully discharge? Batteries self discharge--lead acid about 1% a day--so if you're not riding for a month, and don't have a battery tender, the battery will be at 70%. In addition to the normal parasitic draw on the battery like the clock, could you be turning on the 'parking light' when you switch off?
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    The clock on my R100S, R1100RT and K1 will discharge the battery COMPLETELY over a period of 2-3 months. I have to keep a close eye on this, either disconnect the battery during the lay-up period in the winter or regularly charge/tender.
    I lost a couple of batteries over the years because I was not paying attention to this and the batteries were deep discharged and could not be revived.

    I thought the starter will engage when the starter realy is welded close???

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    Battery Discharging

    It's dead after a couple of days. I'll have to check the lights!

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    Try googling "parasitic drain" - there is an easy test for it that involves no more than a $5 12v test light. Do you have a multimeter? I highly recommend the Radio Shack 22-802 DMM Pocket Multimeter. Costs about $20 and is the size of a pack of cigarettes. Rugged, self-enclosing, compact, and easily fits in the tail cowl, mine is still working like new (with new batteries) at about 15 years old.
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    Also - please read: It's not uncommon for there to be model/year specific issues which someone can help you with IF they bother opening the thread. Putting that info in helps get them to look at your thread.

    I'll add it to your thread title - please do so yourself in future posts.

    BTW - what's your name? We're pretty friendly around here. Adding that info and a bit more to your "SIG" means it will get added to every message..
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