Hi everyone I just joined BMWOA and this is my first post.
Mid summer I purchased a 1997 R1100RT with 54K mi but no know service history.
Former owner mentioned that it would only start after 3 trys. I've ridden it several months now and absolutely love her (nicknamed her "Katerina") but I need help sorting out this starting issue as it seems to be getting worse. Now only starts after the 4th try and I'm concerned about running down the battery during starting and getting stranded somewhere.

So far I have changed the spark plugs (old spark plugs looked fine, dry, no deposits, and normal color) and used fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank; both without any improvement in starting. Once she starts she runs a little rough for a few seconds then smooths out. On the road the engine runs well with good power and acceleration. To clarify ... the starting issue occurs when the cycle is cold. After riding and warm it starts immediately on touch of the starter button.
With a cold start: First push of starter it turns over but no combustion sound,
2nd try same thing or only a little pop. 3rd try a few more pops, 4th push of the starter and she starts, needs a bit of throttle to continue to run, then smooths out and off I go. Rides well at town and interstate highway speeds or more.

So ... how do I cure the starting issue?