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Thread: Oil low: 2005 R1150RT-P

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    Quote Originally Posted by 175781 View Post
    Knock on wood, once I stopped trying to do an elaborate dance of specific time on sidestand, then on centerstand, standing on one foot, I started getting consistent oil reads. Get home. Bike goes on sidestand while I get off then immediately on centerstand (if I'm checking oil, cleaning, etc.). No more fluctuations in visible oil level.
    If you are putting the bike on the center stand immediately after dismounting, you are not going to get an accurate reading on the oil level. The reasons are explained in this thread and countless others. Key ingredients are a hot bike and five minutes...

    Probably the best concise description was in the thread rxcrider posted a link to already. If you missed it here is the exact post by GSAddict that lays it out as simply as possible:
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    I did not get a consistent reading from any method. 5 minutes on sidestand, 10 minutes, half an hour, didn't matter. I get pretty consistent readings using this method (as described above), but still have a day every now and then where it shows low until after the next ride. I have have yet to run with insufficient oil or to have blowby from overfilling. Mostly due to cautions I read hear about adding oil willy nilly.
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