Hello all. I purchased a 2005 R1150RT-P with 11K miles on it. I bought the BMW to replace a Ural that was totaled on 8/31 when a young driver turned in front of me.

Unfortunately, the accident left me with a fractured collarbone which was repaired with a plate, so I put off getting the BMW on the center stand (using just my left hand) to check the oil until today, 700 miles later.

The oil did not show in the sight glass. I added one full quart (Red Line 20W50 motorcycle oil) and that put it just above the center line of the sight glass.

Oil light never came on. Oil temperature was normal. Bike ran fine. Still seems fine, though a tiny bit quieter (as I'd expect after adding a quart of oil). I'm guessing that everything is fine, but I'd feel better if I heard from anyone with similar "oops" experiences.