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Thread: Rain and a J&M 2003CB unit

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    Rain and a J&M 2003CB unit

    Fellow riders,
    I am looking for some input into a problem recently experienced with both of my J&M units. Specifically, when riding in the rain, the CB portion of the unit pretty much goes out, leaving me unable to communicate with the others in my group. Static rises, and several times, the auxiliary input and the CB radio exhibited a squeal in my helmet speakers that was so loud I was forced to turn the unit completely off. In checking the description of the unit, it listed it as "water resistant", which, if it was a watch, pretty much meant don't get it wet. So the question begs: Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, is there a solution? (Well, other than being a fair weather rider? Short of torrential downpours, you will see us out there.) Did J&M design a unit for only the weekend, yuppie-I have a bike so now I am a biker, crowd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExFed750 View Post
    Did J&M design a unit for only the weekend, yuppie-I have a bike so now I am a biker, crowd?
    In a word, yes. I've read a few reviews including the one in the Spring 2012 issue of Iron Butt Magazine that cite the same problem. My riding buddy and I thought about purchasing one each but decided against it after the questionable weather resistance, involved installation and price.
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    in my experience each time it happened with me, water had managed to get into the unused passenger headjack in the rear of the bike by running along the wire . however on one occasion a leak had developed in the bluetooth adapter. i have never had water be a problem getting into the main handlebar unit and i have ridden in many heavy rains with it. except for the bluetooth adapter instance, shaking out the excess water took care of the problem.
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