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Thread: Flat ridge in the center of front tire?

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    Same issue on mine when I went on a 4k mile road trip straight down the highways. Got about 10k on PR3's and could have went more but it was a convenient time to get them changed and had another big trip planned. Ride that bike on some twisty roads and round those corners off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLSENSAN View Post
    I wonder if that is why the PR 3's came out; to rectify the premature wearing of the center tire.

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    The segment’s new benchmark surpasses its predecessor, the MICHELIN Pilot Road 2

    An unrivalled grip in the wet1 thanks to the revolutionary new MICHELIN Sipe Technology (XST)3
    An unbeatable tire life2 thanks to MICHELIN’s latest-generation 2CT dual-compound technology
    All of this plus even wear and life-long performance thanks to full-depth MICHELIN XST3 sipes
    PR3's were introduced because there always has to be something newer and better. Just wait til you see the new PR4.
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    Your tire looks to have normal wear for running straight roads at those pressures. There are Tread Wear Indicators in some of the grooves that indicate when the tire is worn out. I like to change mine when the groove is twice as deep as the height of the indicator bar.

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    The PR2s on my R1100RS have the same wear pattern. I run about 36/40 psi F/R. A lot of my riding is on straight roads (I do live on the Texas Gulf Coast). My next tires will probably be PR3s and see how they wear.
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