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Thread: New Member but Old BMW Guy from Akron

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    New Member but Old BMW Guy from Akron

    Hello All,
    My Name is Steve Asay, I grew up in Akron.OH in the Akron BMW Club. My dad bought a new 1976 BMW R75/6 and last week he gave it to me and I have it at my buddy's shop restoring it.
    Some of you may know my dad John Asay of Akron Ohio, He was a member of the Akron BMW club for as long as I can remember. and some of you may even remember the bike I am talking about.

    Anyways I am looking forward to getting back into it and getting this old airhead back on the road.

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    Welcome home Steve. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the bike!
    Ride Well

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    Nice Dad! Nice ride! Welcome to the forum!
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    finally got a pic of the bike before it got destroyed, I am working on getting it back to this.
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