On the way to the Cherohala Skyway in NC, a fellow rider had noticed that my tire had exposed band. We had just finished a twisty and I was lucky he saw it before I rode anymore. We found a local dealer who had my size but couldn't match brand. Beggars can't be choosers at this point. $200+ later out on the Cherohala we stopped to take some pictures and a another fellow rider noticed my tire was low. Checked the pressure and sure enough almost flat. Used my portable pump to get it as high as it would go and found the new 90 degree valve stem leaking, bad. With no cell signal we limped down the mountain until we got a signal and called the shop. He came out to pick me up, replaced the valve with a standard straight valve and on my way I went, AGAIN!

On the way home to Atlanta the next day, I noticed the speedo wasn't working.
NOW WHAT! Used my GPS for speed until I got home and today I got into the bike and found that the speedo cable, which I had coiled once near the tire, on top of the drive shaft, had been nearly severed by the tire sidewall. It was a Pirelli Angel and has quite a sharp side wall. The wire had been cut hence losing my speedo signal. Good thing I enjoyed the trip as much as I did....Smile