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Thread: sticking starter motor 95 K1100LT

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    sticking starter motor 95 K1100LT

    Q: Looking for a little help.

    Came back from 3 weeks stored in doors, 75 is deg. F, plugged in so all systems were 'go'...rolled it out, climed on, kick stand up, twist key, hit starter button.....

    Bike fired up but the starter would not dissengage....I had to disco. the battery to shut it off...not a small task when your dressed and ready to head tools in site.

    Battery disco'ed.....key off....starter stopped....light 'smoke' from under the seat as it was up, the seat that is.....30 some odd min. smoke.

    This happened once before and repeted key on and off stopped the problem in about 30 sec. Todays episode went on for about 15 min.

    Q: what do you gents think? wire? starter? dirty contacts? ignition?

    Problen and solution, any or all of, would/will be greatly appricated....My K bike is my daily there is more than one 4, or 6, wheeler at 'the ready'

    Thanks tons....

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    sounds like a stuck relay or switch. The starter isn't going to take much more abuse like that. Do you know anyone with a volt meter that can do some checks for you? good luck!!!
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    Stuck starter relay.


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    Thank you gents...Starter Relay....will check and R&R as needed...thanks again

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    I think you may now have two problems.

    The initial problem was the stuck starter relay. This kept the starter running beyond a normally safe time period.

    The second problem is whatever got hot enough to give off smoke. Maybe the starter motor. Maybe the big wire to the starter. Maybe something else.

    If you rule out the starter as the source of the smoke you should carefully examine the wiring between the battery > relay and relay > starter to find the source of the smoke.
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    Dying Battery

    1985 K100

    Batteries keep dying. Is this a frozen starter relay?

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    No, a frozen/welded starter relay will keep the starter engaged and turning as long as the battery is connected. See above.
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