Anybody out there uses or has used the Park-n-Move dolly from Legal Speeding? My garage is quite small, and I will have to put the bike away over winter as far as possible against the wall to leave room for my car. I will not be able to that just by manoeuvering the bike around on engine and foot pedaling. What I want to know is how harder it makes lifting the RT on its centerstand for a mature man of slight built like me (5'7".) I usually don't have any problem doing it almost anywhere on the ground, but the dolly will put the ground more than 1/2" higher. Right now, I use the Turn Table to make my bike turn around 180?? after I ride in, and I can lift the bike on it, albeit with a bit more effort than normal.

Also, does the dolly move around as easily on a rougher surface as is shown on their videos?

Thank you.