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Thread: Believe it or not: 9th time my 05 GS is broken in half for leaking seals

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    So far no leaks

    I picked up my bike from Bloodworth on Friday 10-19 and have put 400 miles on it without any leaks. While searching for leaks I found that a bolt that attaches the rear of the transmission to the frame was not tightened. I was able to remove it by hand. I searched for other loose bolts but thankfully I did not find any.

    I modified a statement posted by racer7 and sent it to Anthony, who is my contact at BMW NA.

    The following is a quote I sent to Anthony:

    "Answer me one question: Do I have a unrepairable defective bike or does BMW have inept service technicians? It is either one or the other or maybe both. Anthony, I am not trying to be a smart ass, but can you think of any other reason for the repeated seal problems with my bike? I look forward to your response."

    I will post any reply I receive for Anthony.

    Anthony at BMW NA has been very helpful getting this matter resolved and has been my advocate between Bruce the BMW Regional Service Rep and Bloodworth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by espressoforyou View Post
    I will post any reply I receive for Anthony.
    Don't hold your breath. You've asked that he diss one of BMWNA's dealers, or diss the mothership, his employer's owner and supplier. Neither will happen.
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    You are probably correct dbrick

    The reason why is sent the question to Anthony is that he would be forced to spend a few seconds trying to come up with another answer, but then realize that there is NOT any other possible answer.

    I will be sending this same question with a brief history of my bikes repeated seal failures to other BMW corporate personnel. Might not do any good but maybe it will help the next person with a defective BMW bike.

    I think the new wethead is going to be a good bike, but I would not want to buy the first year of production. My 2005 GS had a early 2004 build date and the leaking seals issue was a common problem with the early models.

    Let some one else buy the "beta bike" this time. I will wait until BMW sorts out the first year production issues that are bound to happen.

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    Several members have asked for my vin# to compare build dates

    Several members with leaking seal issues have asked for my vin # to compare build date.

    My vin # is WB10317A55ZL77208 and had a build date of 11-2004.

    If you have had a leaking counterbalance shaft seal, engine output(main seal), transmission input or transmission output seal leak post your vin # and I will put a spreadsheet together.


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    Sent you mine this morning.Ed
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