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Actually heat generated by an airhead or any other internal combustion is not proportional to the rpm of the engine. An air head cruising at 40 mph on flat ground turns the same rpm as when going up a hill at 40 mph. The up hill run uses more fuel and generates more heat at the same rpm. The heat generated is proportional to the amount of work the engine is doing which is proportional to the amount of fuel used.
This is accurate and I touched on it noting high speed aero drag.

To go up the hill at 40 mph requires either more rpm (a shift down) or more throttle to maintain the same rpm not shifting, either of which indeed uses more fuel to do the increased work. The work's the same, so either method is likely to require nearly the same fuel and generate the same heat. This affected, of course by pumping losses caused by a more-closed throttle, i.e. economy could be better simply with the larger throttle opening as opposed to the downshift.

In any event, blipping the throttle while stopped in traffic does nothing but put more heat into the engine and engine heat in traffic is not the problem