I'm looking to find anyone who's experienced a compound (or non) fractured femur recovery as it relates to riding... whatever you can share would be welcome information.

I'm 6 weeks into recovery from an accident where a SUV pulled rapidly out of a parking lot to make a left turn and left me nowhere to escape. I'm guessing I hit the side body panel around 20-25 mph and am fortunate to have no other injuries but the femur fracture.

I'm concerned about the range of motion that will return as to how it affects riding and sitting. I am in the medical field but would rather hear a fellow riders perspective.

I know that recovery is a function of how intensly I tackle rehab which is basically my willingness to push through pain. Having dealt prior with many pains which were related to my age and activity level (chronic low back pain, arthritic knees, etc.) , this re-streching and re-bending of the knee is a very differnt kind of pain and much more difficult for me to tolerate.

I'm hoping for some positive experiences and words of wisdom. Thanks, bernie