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Thread: Recovery From Compound Fracture Femur ?

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    Recovery From Compound Fracture Femur ?

    I'm looking to find anyone who's experienced a compound (or non) fractured femur recovery as it relates to riding... whatever you can share would be welcome information.

    I'm 6 weeks into recovery from an accident where a SUV pulled rapidly out of a parking lot to make a left turn and left me nowhere to escape. I'm guessing I hit the side body panel around 20-25 mph and am fortunate to have no other injuries but the femur fracture.

    I'm concerned about the range of motion that will return as to how it affects riding and sitting. I am in the medical field but would rather hear a fellow riders perspective.

    I know that recovery is a function of how intensly I tackle rehab which is basically my willingness to push through pain. Having dealt prior with many pains which were related to my age and activity level (chronic low back pain, arthritic knees, etc.) , this re-streching and re-bending of the knee is a very differnt kind of pain and much more difficult for me to tolerate.

    I'm hoping for some positive experiences and words of wisdom. Thanks, bernie

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    It was many years ago, and mine was not a compound fracture. And given that it was so long ago, I spent many days in the hospital in traction to allow the femur to mend. Mine was also almost exactly halfway between the knee and hip as a result of a head on collision with a '64 Impala on a dirt road.

    That said, the actual femur fracture didn't really affect my riding at all. It was the knee damage and the limited range of motion that affects which bikes I'm comfortable riding.

    If you have or will have full range of motion of the knee, and are diligent with your physical therapy, I think there's a great chance that you'll be back where you were. The thing is, if your knee wasn't damaged, you will get the motion back eventually.

    Honestly, I tore my MCL on my so-called "good" knee here a few years ago. No surgery indicated, only PT and strengthening. I think that injury was probably harder on me than the femur.

    One other thing to be aware of is your overall mental state when you return to riding. Sometimes it takes awhile to get your "mind right".

    Get well soon, and Good Luck in your recovery.
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    thanks Brad

    My break was just above the knee - though the knee joint was not directly involved, other than the patella was removed to cleanse potential road debris. The pain however is below the knee as I'm re-streching tendons and rebuilding muscles.

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