The reason for my question is two fold:

1. I have an 08 GT that's been stored in Texas for the last two years,that has had several issues ranging from a BROKEN center stand,to a fuel sensor that FAILED and left me stranded for a couple hours in Fort Worth on I-20 in FREEZING rain...grrr.

2. In cold weather,the bike would be DEAD after sitting outside for a couple of hours-ALOT!

3. On two occasions,the bike just DIDN'T start at all. After talking with my dealer/mechanic, he said " it was due to the alarm system draining power with the bike off." after about an hour,it just started right up.

4. Being NEW to BMW at the time,and hearing all the RAVE reviews from the cycle magazines,and after about a year of research,I decided to take the plunge. I must admit- when it WORKS, there's NOTHING better! I came from the DIRT and a 1979 Honda XL125 30 years hence to the K Bike being my starter street machine 4 years ago-WOW!I recently ordered the new K Bike,but am having SERIOUS reservations due to my past Issues. Any inputs are sincerely appreciated.