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Thread: Any group rides planned during Rally?

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    Any group rides planned during Rally?

    I have come to realize that we, as a group, are an amalgamation of thousands of independent individuals. Group riding is not high on most peoples' list. BUT, are there any group rides planned. I like them every once in a while because I can ride and check out cool bikes at the same time while not having to worry about where to turn next.

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    I would hope so.
    Group rides, even small ones, are a good way to get to know people.
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    There are some rides posted at you can take a look at. Then just pick a time, ride, and meeting location, let others know and you have just organized a group ride

    Let me know what you guys decide

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    If your bringing a kid, there is a dad's ride being discussed. My son, 11, is coming along. We plan to come from south florida via the Dragon. Too many neat roads need riding on the way but we will get there somehow!

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