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Thread: 1 less 95 k1100 RS

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    1 less 95 k1100 RS

    This past Wednesday I headed to a 2nd hand electronics store to purchase a new 3 way switch for my heated hand grips. When turning into the parking lot there was a rummble or a knock.

    Decided that the switch would have to wait and rode back home with this clatter or knocking. Decided it was coming from the alternator and removed it to see the dampner goobers.. missing... OK

    Replaced them with goobers from my stuff... Then mounted the alternator back into the bike.. after all the stuff was in hit the starter.. Rumbling or knocking still there...

    Finally on Thursday I removed the alternator and hooked up the battery. Figured or almost hoping it would be the alternator.. Started the bike... rumbling and knocking.

    Figure its the output shaft for the alternator.

    This bike I had purchased in July of 2007. At the time it had only 22,600 miles. As of the break down there is over 126,500+ miles. As my wife, Karen stated.. "You got your money's worth out of that one." $3500.

    Now to find another engine? Costs of rebuilding?

    I do need to Praise the LORD JESUS.. as I had wanted to ride to Potosi, Mo for the last rally. This could have happened on the road!

    take care
    tim lindstrom

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    Tough call.
    I like K11RSs, so first reaction is to keep them running. But you did get good mileage out of that one. Might come down to how much you like the bike, and what kind of shape the other parts of the bike are in.
    I'm looking at a nice 93 K-RS that needs a new valve. I've got the same issues: is it worth a new engine or a rebuild.
    I figure there are enough guys crashing theirs that good engines should be available.
    Anyone been thru this?

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    Be patient

    Check ebay and other sites daily for a used engine. I have had to wait over 5 months to find what I wanted; but it always appeared.

    You might also place an ad here in things wanted.
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    Did you install the new "monkey nuts" correctly? The bearings on that shaft rarely fail, and if it does, it's a relatively inexpensive fix. Also, the bearings and housing of the 700 watt alternator are suspect. Try running the motor without the alternator.

    126K is just getting started.

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    1 less 95 k1100 RS

    i agree that 126,000 is just starting!

    Thanks for the replies. Went up to my dealership where I have invested a few bucks for parts. Talked about it and they seemed to think it could be repaired. Costs of doing that seems to be extremely high.

    3 years ago I purchased a 1985 BMW K from a friend who needed the money. That one the transmission had problems. Plan on removing the stuff from the RS and installing it on the 85 RT

    My goals for BMW motors has always been to buy them with low miles and get to at least 100 K... The 85 has only 76,000 on it.

    And then dig into that RS and see about repairing it myself.

    take care,
    Tim Lindstrom

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    If you're comfortable removing the gearbox you are 80% of the way to replacing the ball bearing-if it needs it. This bearing is in the intermediate flange-what we might call the bell housing. There is a needle bearing at the front of the shaft, which is in the crankcase, but I've never heard of one of those failing.

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    1 less 95 k1100 RS

    Good day!

    Found the problem! I had replaced the O ring due to an oil leak at the rear seal. Also had replaced the clutch plate. Thought I had torqued the 30 mm nut down to spec.

    I had done this work about a month ago. The BMW had been marking its territory for the past 6 months...

    Needed to remove the Clutch and alternator vane to remove the intermediate housing... only to realize when trying to loosen the clutch 30 mm nut that it was already loose!

    However I did learn a few things when having the engine out. Sure alot easier to clean out the debri around the air filter!

    RE torqued the big nut.. err not the one holding the wrench either.

    Hope to have it back on the road by tonight. And keep riding it for another 200K around this United States!

    I have done 46 of the lower 48 on in the past 5 years.

    Whew! eh?


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