After a great deal of research here, other forums, and discussions with other riders, I decided it was important to me to maintain the ESA features of my RT and go for the extra low seat to achieve the best fit for my personal RT. After riding it now for a few thousand miles, I am glad that I did just that during this time of getting to know the nature of the bike as the reach to the ground is not "flat foot" but enough that I have only once or twice felt as though I was not in complete control of the bike at a stop.

I have put a few 250+ mile days with no real discomfort with the thin padding of the extra low seat. I do however, feel like I am missing out on a very nice feature that was on the bike originally with the heated stock seat that was not available with the extra low seat.

My question here is

1.) if anyone has had any positive experience with aftermarket seat guys in providing a heated seat option that maintains the 30.1" seat height of the extra low seat?

2.) Does anyone have any experience with comparing the extra low to the low seat as far as reach is concerned? (the local dealer does not have any low seat models in stock, and doesn't order the bikes that way, so there is no way to compare there.)

3.) A&S Cycle has a heated seat pad as an aftermarket that I have considered, but I am thinking that it would add at least .5" to the seat height, which would be roughly the same difference between the Extra-low seat and the low seat.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?